Thursday, October 31, 2013

Teaser of Terror #5

Might be you thought I was gone... just been busy/lazy, had another kid, and have had segments of my creative imagination colonized by a Pathfinder campaign me and some bros are running.

(I did write once that the Fighting Fantasy 2d6 is a gateway dice to more hardcore polyhedrons, how I chortled at that one! But oops, it's real).

But the Great Work is not yet over... what else will there be to put on my epitaph?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Teaser of Terror #1

Hi readers,

Well, it has been a struggle to work on the blog lately but when I picked up Temple of Terror and glimpsed that SERPENT GUARD, I was reinvigorated. He is a beautiful, bright-eyed bubble of enthusiasm and I simply adore him.

Something about the irrepressible spirit shining from his mirthful, ophidian gaze made me imagine him photo-bombing the covers of other books, blowing up the spot of the other, more serious FF poster boys and being furiously chased off set a few seconds later.

After I had stopped congratulating myself over this amazing idea I decided to create a series of these alternate covers to release as little nuggets of content to string you all along while I avoid doing any hard work on the next post.

Here is the first one:

"Any room for one mooooooore?"

Monday, April 1, 2013

One last thought before I move on...

Whenever you say "Mad Max" everybody immediately thinks of "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior", but did you know there was a Mad Max 1?

It's true, though very few people have seen it. But I am one of them so I can impart some information to you. Basically it is about some bogans chasing each other around Queensland. Mad Max spends half the movie cooling out with his girlfriend, which is nice for him but hey, my man, the audience paid to see a car do a jump.

There's not really that much connection between the films apart from Mel Gibson and lots of driving. It is kind of on some bullshucks really, which is why nobody really thinks about it or mentions it.

But if you must have a taste, here is a bull crap scene from Mad Max 1.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

An additional thought regarding "Freeway Fighter"

Some people are no doubt wondering why I did not sound off on the matter of Freeway Fighter's artwork, an issue that is known to inflame the passions and set brother against brother.

You see, I am given to understand that some Past Readers have experienced critical thoughts regarding the artwork in this book and moreover that a minority of this disgruntled group have also seen fit to give form to those thoughts and publicly express them to others.

Let me not be misconstrued! I make no such criticism here. Construe me exactly on this, please. The archives indicate that the artist has in fact personally responded to such things before, pointing out that he was in a big rush when he drew everything 'cos he was called in at the last minute, and only had nine days to finish everything, and four of them were spent getting the broken branch in the foreground of this drawing just so.

You know the roller ruler come out for this one too.

Have you really looked at it though?
This is, in fact, one of my direst fears - that some day, someone I've mentioned will take umbrage at my churlish and unfair ribbing, point a just and knobbly finger directly at my shrivelled coward's heart and say to me: "And what, blogger, have YOU ever accomplished?"

"Nothing," I will gasp out between the sobs, "I have done nothing."

Illustrator Kevin Bulmer has precisely captured the moment when the bullets come shooting out of this gun. What have YOU done lately?